UAB Al Engineering

Company offers wide range of services: designs, produces and do other jobs. Employees are trying to ensure the best possible quality of services and take care of fast order.

Company designs and produces

  • Blast cooler/heater for liquid products
  • CIP washing stations
  • Variety of liquid dispensing systems
  • Various belt and chain conveyors and systems
  • Conveyors oiling systems
  • Containers
  • Pipeline distribution panels
  • PET bottle blowing mold
  • Various black metal and stainless steel constructions
  • Hydraulic systems and hydraulic cylinders

We do

  • Equipment installation/dismantling
  • Second-hand equipment technical condition assessment
  • Equipment repair and maintenance
  • Black and stainless steel welding
  • Coordinated equipment launching
  • Staff training
  • Hydraulic systems repairing
  • Plasma metal cutting with programmable machines
  • Metal turning and milling with programmable machines
  • Various pipeline welding and assembly works